WWW #39 – Booked – Text #1

Destinées contrariées


Il appelle le restaurant

“Une table pour deux, s’il vous plait.”

Il avait tout organisé.

Il pensait que tout se passerait

Comme il l’avait imaginé.

He calls the restaurant

“A table for two, please.”

He had it all mapped out.

He thought that everything would go

Exactly as he had imagined. Continue reading


WWW #4 – Valentine Special – Text #6


Always Loved Valentine Day

by Garry Vakarian

I was always excited about Valentine day, even before I met Motoko. Sure, together we were full of lovey dovey stuff like all the other couples. For instance, we synced our cyberbrains to the same romantic VR. Ours was ancient Egypt, a cruise on the Nile  -Pharaoh style – while enjoying the scenery, we would pose as a royal divine couple. We had always had a soft spot for ancient cultures, unlike mainstream couples, who would rather relive the 16th century Venice carnival, or go for a shopping spree at what they used to call malls at the end of the second millennium. Continue reading

WWW#4 – Valentine Special – Text #5

21st Century Love
by Hailie Andersen.

Mankind created Bots in our image. We wished them along. Soon we lost control of our creations.


Singles’ Quarter, Saturday, February 14th 2054

Zohrea’s Online Registered Thoughts – Log entry #1

I got a package delivered to the doorstep of my new home this morning. It is huge, about my size and a half. It is my Guardian. He is supposed to guide me through the transition. If I do not find love the natural way, my Guardian will become my only companion for the rest of my life. Continue reading

WWW#4 – Spéciale Saint Valentin – Texte #4

Be my Valentine

Texte original écrit par Ninefifteen

Elles étaient au sommet de la colline et Margot vérifiait pour la énième fois que Claire était correctement harnachée au deltaplane. Puis elle s’installa à son tour, et Claire se demanda comment diable elle avait bien pu accepter de se retrouver là. Un moment d’égarement sans doute. Ou peut-être était-ce simplement parce que Margot savait se montrer persuasive. Continue reading

WWW #4 – Valentine Special – Text #1

“XO”, or “On the Other Side of the Screen”

by Hailie Andersen

If you want to listen to the author interpreting her text, click here.

I woke up to the soft caresses of XO this morning.

I wrote soft, because it felt soft and loving, but that was just the beginning. A prelude to what was coming next – a feel of hot and feverish bodies answering each other on a whole other level. A skin brushing, heart racing, hair rising experience, so tailored to my fantasy, so hot and overwhelming, I was all in. Continue reading