Featured Challenge #27 – Ghosts – Text#2

Escaping This World

by Garry Vakarian

« See? That wasn’t so complicated. » Priya words echoed in the empty void. Except I wasn’t listening. My mind and my attention were absorbed by the lingering image of Devon’s eyes – my first departed. She was chosen as my first culling and final exam for the Reaper’s assignment. She was staying at her favorite place, a small lake in the valley near her hometown. Her boyfriend had dumped her, and she had a mental breakdown at her work after that. Being fired from her job, and let go by the person, whom she thought was the love of her life was too much. She didn’t see the point of continuing her existence. After a rather short and grim post on her facebook page, she ended her life in the place she liked the most.

And it was I who had to take her soul to the afterlife.

In Purgatory, prior to meeting Devon, my supervisor Priya gave me the file on her case. Standard operating procedure required me to check it in order to better accompany the dead, and to effectively extract her soul from her body. In her dossier, I had access to a short summary of her life, the causes explaining her death and the location of the body. More importantly for my job, it had what we could call an autopsy report. In short, it gave the M.O. of her death, and how to “cull” or should I say extract her soul from the physical world and body. You see, the scythe isn’t just for show; it was our tool for exacting the incision freeing the essence of a person. Continue reading


WWW #25 – Restricted Access – Text #2

La Villa

Texte original écrit par B.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49
Chapitre 1 – Prémisses

Ils montèrent dans la vieille 305 qui allait les conduire lentement et sûrement à la villa abandonnée que Lina avait repérée une semaine plus tôt en faisant des recherches pour son documentaire. La jeune femme était surexcitée à l’idée de braver cet interdit. Elle aimait par-dessus tout résoudre les mystères, découvrir les nombreuses histoires qui imprègnent toujours l’atmosphère émanant des lieux anciens. Elle avait lu toutes les dépêches qu’elle avait pu trouver dans la presse, tout ce qui expliquerait le destin ruiné d’un bâtiment qui portait en lui tant de promesses à sa construction. Elle s’apprêtait à conter l’histoire ainsi rapiécée à Jean au fur et à mesure de leur progression dans l’immense demeure. Le script naîtrait au fil de leurs pas et ils partageraient encore une aventure de plus. Continue reading

WWW #20 – Key – Text #2


Jo1 – Goodbye World

by Hailie Andersen

5:00 PM – three hours prior to decommissioning

Resting in foliage shadows, I contemplate the day I have had and what I could do of my remaining hours. I went hiking with my brother – we climbed up to lake Critol. I called my sister and my best friend. I had a great laugh with both of them.

Today is the last day of my life. I was programmed to be decommissioned now on the day I was born. We all are to some extend – Humans or Machines. Though I doubt it would feel the same not to know when your lease on life expires.

In the end, I opted to just lie down there, in the grass, enjoying the piercing rays of sun warming up my stainless steel cells. I figured that was the best way to go. Lying there basking in delight, without a care in the world.


6:00 PM – two hours prior to decommissioning

Today – and every day since I was born – I have lived my life to the fullest. I lived it that way, because I knew it would end soon, precisely when the timer on my neck would stop. This also meant I knew that it would not stop any other time – unless I threw myself in front of a moving train or something violent enough to damage me beyond repair.

Lizzie – my best friend, the one I called today as I mentioned above – is human. She is torn about my upcoming scheduled unplugging. She wasted weeks, months of her life in lawyering battles trying to get Machines to gain a longer timespan. She thinks twenty years is way too short.

In exactly two hours someone will press a key and send my consciousness back to the stream of data that gave it birth. It will merge with the rest and be a particle in this giant AI pool.

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WWW#17 – Padlock – Texte #1

Après la ville – 2

Texte original par Ninefifteen

Shana était soulagée de ne pas avoir à utiliser l’arme de Mark. Après tout, elle s’efforçait chaque jour d’œuvrer pour la survie de l’humanité, et c’était aussi pour cela qu’elle avait entrepris cette expédition. Il aurait été absurde qu’elle en vienne à tuer ou ne serait-ce que blesser quelqu’un.

Elle fit un pas vers l’homme et la femme qui n’avaient pas bougé de l’orée du verger, mais s’arrêta aussitôt. Elle regarda la voiture. A l’intérieur il lui restait des vivres, son ordinateur, du matériel scientifique… elle n’avait pas peur d’un vol — l’époque n’était plus à cela. Mais une attaque de mutants restait plausible et il y avait fort à parier qu’ils mettraient tout à sac.
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A Pathway To Your Soul (11)

Letter #11 – Realization

By Hailie Andersen

Saturday, March 7th, 2054, Intensive Care Facility, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Lakhi,

You are in a coma. They took me to you and I met your professor Jehr. He is the scientist in charge of your recovery.

You got two things right about him. He is a professor. He seems to be trying to help you. However he is indeed working for the government, or for whoever runs those labs. He is not his own man.

I am still shocked by the sight of you in that bed. I got to touch your hand and feel your warmth. Continue reading

A Pathway To Your Soul (10)

Letter #10 – Hospitalized

By Hailie Andersen


Friday, March 6th, 2054, ITF Quarters, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Lakhi,

I saw a picture of you in my file today. A picture of you the way you described yourself in your nightmare… With those tubes and all… I am confused. Just as confused as you were yesterday. There is something so wrong about this whole society. I am disgusted. I wish they would just stop their games and take me to you. I don’t know what to do. I have no way to figure out my next move. Continue reading