Featured challenge #4 – Memories – Text #2


Original text by Ninefifteen

Your favorite
Chocolate –
I remember them all. Continue reading


WWW#18 – Forgive me – Texte #1

Forgive me

Texte original par Ninefifteen

Ça m’est tombé dessus sans que je m’y sois vraiment préparée, même si cela faisait un an que j’essayais d’envisager l’impensable. Et c’était d’une violence telle qu’une seule sensation m’habitait — l’étouffement. J’étais écrasée par cette montagne de souffrance, si dense, si compacte que je ne pouvais lutter contre elle. Chaque pas me coûtait, et l’air semblait vouloir déserter mes poumons — voilà ce qu’a été la lutte des premiers instants. Continue reading

Featured Challenge #8 – Gender Barriers – Text #2


by B.

Do sadly deemed obvious, normal, regular, ordinary, base lines work on you?

Please friends, do tell me if they do. 

Moves awaited, repetitive to the point of expecting the slash of the next whiplash even before it is fired at you – do they ever, ever work, really?

Please friends, do tell me if they do. 


I feel dirty and overexposed. 

My eyes are sore from sights, they can never un-see.  Continue reading

Featured Challenge #2 – Screens – Text #2


by B.

Why is it that we need to share and connect so much with virtual people, or real people who are not in the room? So much so that we dismiss the presence of those who are.

Have not you noticed that you spend more time on your phone, starring at your agitated screens, checking your messages or writing some than actually talking to people, looking into people’s eyes?

We spend more time sharing pictures and commenting on what we do than spending those moments with those we cherish.

Why is it that Continue reading