WWW #23 – Disappointed – Text #1



by Hailie Andersen

She sighed at the sight of him. He tried to grab her hand. She dodged his attempt and pulled away. He had betrayed her.

She never asked him to be perfect. Not even kind. All she wanted from him was honesty. Knowing he would never lie to her face.

Even that he could not hold up to. He had lied – over the stupidest thing too. She could not begin to understand why. When she had asked…

Not only had he sunk further into his tangled web of fibs, he had accused her of doing the same. How did he dare pin it back on her? – Dumbstruck.

She stood there for a moment. A few feet away. She could still hear his voice spinning more lies to try and fix his mess. She could feel the pain in his voice…

…Read the despair in his eyes. The disappointment in hers spoke louder than words. She had trusted him. She did not anymore. There was no way back from that.  Continue reading


WWW#11 – Werewolves – Text#5


by HeatherPolk@Artofself

A night covered in layers upon layers of smoke-filled fog made an already dense forest not the safest place for a girl like Styla to plunge through. Yet, slowing down wasn’t an option for her at that exact moment. She couldn’t say specifically what she saw through the bushes, but the closest thing that she could come to were eyes that appeared to be burning with fiery red flames. As she witnessed these all-consuming, scorching pits watching her every move, she backed up slowly, so as not to trip on any of the old Cypress Knees lazily shooting from the wet earth. Her racing heart made her feel as though she were running backwards. It seemed like she would jump out of her skin at any given moment.

Then it growled.

Continue reading

Featured Challenge #4 – Memories – Text #1 


by The Gold Hourglass

Crusted blood on my shirt, arrows shot fast at me, and yet I sensed no fear. I sought revenge for the day I was thrust into the depths of dark fear.

Images of that day always flashed before me. Images of my father, my brother, and my betrothed lying in a heap with their throats slit. The sound of Evil’s laughter in the form of my cousin, our general who had turned on us. He did this to taunt me to remind me that he was in control.   Continue reading

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WWW #20 – Key – Text #2


Jo1 – Goodbye World

by Hailie Andersen

5:00 PM – three hours prior to decommissioning

Resting in foliage shadows, I contemplate the day I have had and what I could do of my remaining hours. I went hiking with my brother – we climbed up to lake Critol. I called my sister and my best friend. I had a great laugh with both of them.

Today is the last day of my life. I was programmed to be decommissioned now on the day I was born. We all are to some extend – Humans or Machines. Though I doubt it would feel the same not to know when your lease on life expires.

In the end, I opted to just lie down there, in the grass, enjoying the piercing rays of sun warming up my stainless steel cells. I figured that was the best way to go. Lying there basking in delight, without a care in the world.


6:00 PM – two hours prior to decommissioning

Today – and every day since I was born – I have lived my life to the fullest. I lived it that way, because I knew it would end soon, precisely when the timer on my neck would stop. This also meant I knew that it would not stop any other time – unless I threw myself in front of a moving train or something violent enough to damage me beyond repair.

Lizzie – my best friend, the one I called today as I mentioned above – is human. She is torn about my upcoming scheduled unplugging. She wasted weeks, months of her life in lawyering battles trying to get Machines to gain a longer timespan. She thinks twenty years is way too short.

In exactly two hours someone will press a key and send my consciousness back to the stream of data that gave it birth. It will merge with the rest and be a particle in this giant AI pool.

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