WWW #3 – Snowflakes – Text #1


The First Snow Flakes

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by B.

She was sitting by the window

Watching out Newton’s effect

On the small flecks

Of ice

Falling in the near shadow

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WWW #3 – Snowflakes – Text #2

Mjolnir’s Pass

by Garry Vakarian

After five hours of a long walk in the tundra, Sasha arrived at the feet of Mjolnir’s pass. So far, the trip was uneventful and only a pair of mudcrabs had crossed her path, quickly dispatched by her trusty bow. Forged by the hand of master Hafingaar with a piece orcwood she found during the exploration of an old druidic tomb, her bow was her only companion in this desolated place. The greenish glow from the orcwood reminded her of the time she spent with Torvald at Orisinium, the Orc’s outpost for Frostguard. Continue reading