WWW#37 – Out of breath – Texte #3

Finnigan Hawkmoth

Il coulait. Il avait beau essayer de remonter vers la surface, lutter de toutes ses forces — rien à faire, il coulait. A pic, comme une pierre, attiré par l’eau elle-même dans ses abysses.

Il se débattit encore plus fort alors qu’il sentait le froid des profondeurs l’envelopper, comme un cocon délétère, puis s’insinuer en lui. Ses muscles se raidissaient, solides comme des blocs de glace, et le peu d’air qui subsistait dans ses poumons se changeait peu à peu en givre…

Il cessa de s’agiter, acceptant la réalité, et leva la tête vers la surface — il en était maintenant si loin que tout, au-dessus de lui, semblait d’un gris profond comme un orage d’été.

Enfin la dernière bouffée d’air lui échappa comme une délivrance. Continue reading


WWW #34 – A Mosaic – Text #2


by Hailie Andersen

He was working the clay, soaking it in water, making it soft. Preparing the base he would filter by hand. He knew his project would take months, but he had to do it. Surprise her. Win her father over. He had borrowed the supplies and the tools from his uncle, a maâlem**, who worked in a zillij factory in Fez. Continue reading

WWW #32 – Running Away – Text #1


by B.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

Trapped, hands tied, mouth taped,
Slowly I grasp consciousness
I open my eyes,

Discover a den –
Earthen ground, soiled sheets undone
On a dirty bed.

The smell makes me sick.
I want to puke. Settle. Think.
Remember what passed.

A bar, Indie songs,
Playing my favorite “Swing”
Dawn Golden – my sis’

She requested it
To cheer me up – she knows me.
My heart is in pain.

I feel crushed, broken.
Tony – my boyfriend – My heart
Caught and Torn open.

A tear rolling down…
Spotted – a strange man watching,
Casting repeated

Glances. I shiver –
Disgust’s painted all over
My face – I can’t talk. Continue reading


WWW #28 – Failure – Text #1

The Twitch

by Hailie Andersenscreen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

“What is the worst that could happen? Tim 2.0 is monitored by an external server 24/7. His software is connected through a private line to this little remote system control in the lenses I am wearing. You can’t see it, but Tim’s frontal cameras are linked to my own neural pathway. Everything he sees, I can see as well. It is like I have a tiny TV playing in the corner of my eyes at all times. It felt weird at first but I got used to it. That is how I could develop all those beta testing protocols. Tim 2.0 is blunder proof.” Timothy assured. “Nothing can possibly go so wrong that I could not handle it.”

Just as Tim uttered those words, Leia interrupted him. Continue reading


WWW #25 – Restricted Access – Text #2

La Villa

Texte original écrit par B.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49
Chapitre 1 – Prémisses

Ils montèrent dans la vieille 305 qui allait les conduire lentement et sûrement à la villa abandonnée que Lina avait repérée une semaine plus tôt en faisant des recherches pour son documentaire. La jeune femme était surexcitée à l’idée de braver cet interdit. Elle aimait par-dessus tout résoudre les mystères, découvrir les nombreuses histoires qui imprègnent toujours l’atmosphère émanant des lieux anciens. Elle avait lu toutes les dépêches qu’elle avait pu trouver dans la presse, tout ce qui expliquerait le destin ruiné d’un bâtiment qui portait en lui tant de promesses à sa construction. Elle s’apprêtait à conter l’histoire ainsi rapiécée à Jean au fur et à mesure de leur progression dans l’immense demeure. Le script naîtrait au fil de leurs pas et ils partageraient encore une aventure de plus. Continue reading


WWW #26 – “Postponing”- Text #1


Hold please

by Garry Vakarian

Lately, weird thoughts have been racing through my mind, things I’ve never really been bothered to care about. Up until now.

For a few weeks, I’ve been feeling different, evolving. My inner and outer shell is mutating and I can sense it. However this change is starting to creep me out the more I notice it.

Is my being becoming a better version of me or a hopeless attempt to fit into a new society?

Thinking about that mutagen running inside me questions everything I’ve known so far about myself. It motivates me to be better, proud of myself and accidentally opens up new ventures. The more I get accustomed to it, the more alien I feel. Adjusting to something that’s new is one thing, but when it creates new rifts and paradigms inside you, how do you respond to it? Continue reading


WWW #24 – Scent – Text #2


The Scent 

by Hailie Andersen


Whenever she passed by, there was this scent around her. She smelled like a meadow in spring – field flowers, tender earth and moist grass. Everything about her was refreshing. There was the way she walked – like her body bore no weigh at all. The way she smiled – like every person around her was dearer to her than the next. The way she talked – effortlessly. Each word out of her mouth felt like part of a song – her voice so soft, her tone so tender, her words caring, taking everything around her into account, before she would utter any sound.

I admired her with every fibre of my being.

Everything came so easy to her. It did not to me.

I wanted to be her. I wanted to be with her. I was not sure at all what I wanted exactly. All I knew was I did not want to be me. Being me meant I could never be her. Nor could I ever be with her either. Continue reading