WWW #37 – Out of Breath – Text #2

Départ différé

by B. 

Il la regardait au loin. Elle avait l’air pensive. L’esprit lourd, préoccupée par des tracas qui lui étaient bien étrangers.


Pendant des années, il l’avait vue sans la voir. Elle travaillait dans le restaurant qui se trouvait juste à côté de sa boite, celui où il allait chaque fois que l’occasion se présentait d’impressionner un client. Un établissement sans prétention qui ne payait pas de mine et n’amassait pas foule, mais dont chaque bouchée remplissait le cœur des convives en ravissant leurs papilles.

Deux mois plus tôt, lors d’un diner professionnel, elle s’était révélée à lui avec la rareté d’une apparition ordinaire dans un contexte familier. Elle avait décroché son téléphone lors de son service. Par ce geste, elle était sortie de l’anonymat qui l’avait caractérisée jusqu’à présent. Il n’avait pas pu s’empêcher de l’écouter dévoiler soudainement son intimité par bribes.

D’abord un peu gêné par cet excès d’observation à sens unique, il s’était retrouvé absorbé par son monde, l’intensité de ses sentiments, la force de son timbre de voix. Cette affirmation insoupçonnée lui apparaissait soudain comme une évidence. Elle s’en trouvait transformée en un être magnétique, et son regard ne pouvait s’en détacher.

Sans le savoir, celle qui s’était toujours fondue dans l’espace, en un instant de contraste avait capté son attention pour ne plus jamais la relâcher. Elle hantait ses jours et ses nuits. Il avait pris de l’avance sur les sentiments qu’il espérait qu’ils pourraient partager. Il savait que c’était à son tour à présent de créer les circonstances qui pourraient engager une réciprocité. Continue reading

WWW #35 – Slipped – Text #2

by B. 

He was observing her. She was standing there preparing their supper, with the same enthusiasm she always applied to her daily tasks. Smooth and sculptural, grounded yet dreamy, soft and surprising. He knew he loved her still.

She looked unchanged. So unaware. How could she not notice the tension that was rising within him? He thought she knew him better than that, did she not? It was burning at his core now. He would not be able to hold it in much longer. Yet she was there, going about cheerfully. Singing softly. Improvising on the acoustic tune that was playing on the stereo. It felt as if she were a vision. She had come to visit him from their past. Transported. Transposed. Unaffected.

In his heart though, it felt like everything had changed. He felt heavy. Burdened. He wished he could just erase from his mind, what had happened last night. How useless! He could not even blame it on alcohol. He would not. He remembered everything. He was conscious of everything. He had felt everything. He was in control. He could still sense that foreign lingering touch on his skin. That scent. He forced himself to chase that residual image from his conscious mind.

He ought it to her, to them, to keep away from it.

He let his eyes wander over her body. Continue reading

WWW #38 – Escape – Text #1

Red Ocean

by B. 

She was standing alone
Thinking about her boy at home
Assembling in her mind
A list of groceries
She could not afford to buy.

Sitting by the window,
He takes a deep breath,
Closes his eyes and boom!
He is at the station,
Hopping on a train.


His destination takes
But a second to reach.
He is now sitting in the sand,
Listening to the waves,
Breathing in the ocean.


She comes in.


He was waiting for her.

Continue reading

WWW #31 – Heart Warming Tale – Text #2

Wake Up and Live Happily Ever After

By B.

During winter, we often feel cold in our bodies and in our hearts. Overwhelmed and exhausted by our environment. There is this holiday rush, family, friends, all over, and then we are back to the harsh reality of our routine. Harsh? Who said our routine has to feel that way?

We spend more time complaining, feeling sorry for ourselves than actually giving ourselves a chance to do what we want to do. To be who we want to be. To feel how we want to feel.

Doesn’t that sound just plain amazing? Verging on too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well I am not just going to throw you out there, and let you tackle this issue all by yourselves. In this article I will share a few leads you can explore, to try and make a difference in your own little bubble of life. Continue reading

WWW #32 – Running Away – Text #1


by B.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

Trapped, hands tied, mouth taped,
Slowly I grasp consciousness
I open my eyes,

Discover a den –
Earthen ground, soiled sheets undone
On a dirty bed.

The smell makes me sick.
I want to puke. Settle. Think.
Remember what passed.

A bar, Indie songs,
Playing my favorite “Swing”
Dawn Golden – my sis’

She requested it
To cheer me up – she knows me.
My heart is in pain.

I feel crushed, broken.
Tony – my boyfriend – My heart
Caught and Torn open.

A tear rolling down…
Spotted – a strange man watching,
Casting repeated

Glances. I shiver –
Disgust’s painted all over
My face – I can’t talk. Continue reading