WWW #31 – Heart Warming Tale – Text #2

Wake Up and Live Happily Ever After

By B.

During winter, we often feel cold in our bodies and in our hearts. Overwhelmed and exhausted by our environment. There is this holiday rush, family, friends, all over, and then we are back to the harsh reality of our routine. Harsh? Who said our routine has to feel that way?

We spend more time complaining, feeling sorry for ourselves than actually giving ourselves a chance to do what we want to do. To be who we want to be. To feel how we want to feel.

Doesn’t that sound just plain amazing? Verging on too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well I am not just going to throw you out there, and let you tackle this issue all by yourselves. In this article I will share a few leads you can explore, to try and make a difference in your own little bubble of life. Continue reading


WWW#33 – Deleted / Erased – Text #2


by Hailie Andersen

Plodding down his daily route, he could feel the heaviness of boredom and solitude weighing on his limbs. Lately he had been contemplating his life and wondering how he had gotten there. Comparing his current situation to what his younger-self had projected his future could look like ten years ago. There was a world between there and then. Job – check. House – mmm… he owned a flat… semi-check. Athletic build – he exercised but was no model… semi-check again. Family – alien concept he still desired, but did not seem to have in him to construct. Wife – no girlfriend in ages. Marriage – felt more and more like a never-happening tale.


Keys turned in the lock. He walked in, and shed his coat and jacket in the lobby. Then he eyed his flat. Soulless, nude space, open lines, cold, empty walls, uplifted only by the view, and the grey light filtering through the high windows. The absence of decor mirrored the void he felt biting at his core. He needed something to counter its grasp, replace it with meaning, or deflect it with a placebo blend.

Instinctively, he sat down on his couch and switched on the TV. Hoping to be filled by others’ stories. Zapped from one channel to the next. Found nothing to his taste. He breathed in. The atmosphere was warm. Maybe too warm. He needed air. Fresh air. He got up, slid the glass door, and walked out on his balcony.

Dressed only in his classic, matt, silk shirt, he braved the negative temperature, resolutely. He looked out over the lake and to the horizon. He needed to feel something. Gushes of frozen winter wind slapped repeatedly at his skin. He could sense his body shrink and shiver in the cold. Still he stood there. Unwavering soul lost in his thoughts. His perspective felt blurred. He needed focus.


Johan knew he needed to act – turn his ways around, because they were not working. If he stayed there watching his life pass him by, he was aware he would disappear. Shrink into oblivion. Be deleted, erased. Leave nothing behind him upon his passing. Drown into the mass of loners out there. Continue reading

WWW#30 – Scarf – Text #1

Le Foulard

Texte original, écrit par B. screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49


Elle regardait à l’horizon.

Le dos légèrement courbé,

Les coudes appuyés sur la balustrade.


Elle avait l’air pensive,

A la fois résolue et épuisée,

Plongée dans l’abysse de l’univers qui l’entourait


L’aspirait et l’entrainait avec elle

Sans qu’elle soit en mesure de naviguer,

De contrôler la direction que sa vie prenait.


Elle ferma les yeux un instant,

Et prit une grande inspiration.

Elle les rouvrit, grand.


Elle fit un tour sur elle-même,

Puis deux, puis trois,

Elle virevoltait à présent. Continue reading

Interview With A Writer – #4 – Special

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here comes a very special piece to our Interview With a Writer series. A few days ago, I dared ask Sarah Doughty if she would mind answering a few questions (5-10 of the list I sent her), and you know what, she responded she would not mind at all, and happily answered not just five or ten, but all of them. You cannot begin to imagine how broad a smile I shone, when I opened my mailbox yesterday.

Sarah needs no introduction on WordPress, but just in case you have not encountered her and her work yet, here is a link to her addictive blog: Heartstring Eulogies and below are two of my favorite micro poetry lines recently authored by Sarah: 


To love is to be
and willing
to endure the pain
if that love doesn’t last.

© Sarah Doughty


Time can wait
because you’re
here with me and
nothing else matters.

© Sarah Doughty

Not only is Sarah an incredibly talented writer, whose griping lines hook us all on a daily basis, she is one of the most generous souls out there. She is always ready to give positive feedback, help and provide support to other writers. Through her interview, you will discover that she is that, and so much more. 

This interview is very special to us, at Mug’s Tale, since Sarah has been one of our very first followers. She has been a rock dispensing her support to our work from the very beginning. Offering her the spotlight on our blog is our very modest way to thank her. I will stop there as her kindness and beautifully crafted words speak for themselves, and are such a delight to read!

Without further ado…. 

Meet – Sarah Doughty


– Could you tell us a few words about yourself? (Introduce yourself – where do you come from? – Where do you live? – What do you do for a living? – any dreams, aspirations? – …. ) 

I’m Sarah Doughty, born, raised, and still living in Indiana. Long story short, I suffer from complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, and migraines. I spend my time with my family and doing therapeutic hobbies — most of which consist of writing. Writing helps me to escape and I’m really passionate about it. I dream of the day I can once again feel whole, and if that day ever comes, I’ll see where my dreams take me.



– If there were one book you could recommend to our readers, which would it be? 

Without knowing a genre, it’s a little hard for me to answer this question, so I’ll recommend two. First, On Writing by Stephen King. Sure, a good portion of it is a memoir, but some of the biggest things I learned from King are: to be a writer you must also be a reader, you must write every day, and you have to know the rules in order to break them.

Second, I’d have to say that any book that can make me feel like I’m in a new place, in someone else’s head, that book is a winner to me. The first time I read something that really helped me when I needed it, it made me realize how important books are, not just to read, but to escape.

I remember reading Alice Hoffman, Stephen King, and Anne Rice (among others) as a kid. And when I grew up, somehow urban fantasy/paranormal romance seemed to pull me in better than anything else. I drank in Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning, and Charlaine Harris, just to name a few.

– Is there a book you read that you think changed your life somehow or spoke to you in a way that no other book did?  Continue reading

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– Workshop #35. February 1st – February 28 – “Slipped” – “Glissé / Echappé”

– Workshop #36. March 1st – March 15 – “Broken / Shattered” – “Cassé / Brisé”

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Interview With A Writer – #3

Dear readers, 

I hope you enjoyed the two previous posts of this series introducing two of our promising new authors. Here comes your third treat, an interview with Vinnie Dime, one of our first members. He writes with griping style and talent both in French and in English. He can tackle poetry and prose and dabbles with equal command in light and darkness.

You know him best for: 

Without further ado… 

Meet – Vinnie Dime


–       Could you tell us a few words about yourself? (Introduce yourself – where do you come from? – Where do you live? – What do you do for a living? – any dreams, aspirations? – …. )

I’m a man in his late twenties. I live in the South-East of France. This is where I met B., a good friend of mine. You must already have read some of her texts by now. Of course, she is the one who asked me to join Mug’s Tale, which I gladly did. Just like her, I’m an English teacher (in fact, we met at work). I long to become a great guitarist and I am more than happy to do my best at trying!



–       If there were one book you could recommend to our readers, which would it be?

One book! Wow, there are so many!!! Say, A Game of Thrones, By George R. R. Martin. So moving and complex. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. And 2001, A Space Odyssey By Arthur C. Clarke. And… ok, that’s three books, but I couldn’t just choose one!

And if you can read French: Le Diapason des mots et des misères (Jérôme Noirez) and La Profondeur des tombes (Thierry Di Rollo). One book you said?

–       Is there a book you read that you think changed your life somehow or spoke to you in a way that no other book did?

Ahaha, this is going to be a silly answer! Continue reading