WWW # 16 – Partners in Crime – Text #3


Letter to the Sheriff

By B.


People think we are just wicked and mean,

But we are desperate.

We have never seen anything come our way.


People think we are lazy and we cannot shoulder hard work,

Nor long cold hours staring at a moving screen.

Clearly they have never planned a coup.


I have been sitting by this house for days,

Trying to establish a pattern, a routine of some kind,

But there is nothing predictable about these guys.


I feel like I am wasting my time.

This short will never happen. We are lacking data,

And manpower to make sure it is safe.


There is always a risk. The key is to minimize it.

The best guys in the business

Hell, the best in history are born planners.

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WWW #14 – Never Say Never – Text #2

Momentary Certainty

by B.


Even if you mean it,

It doesn’t mean anything.

Never, always, forever


cannot be taken for granted.


Of their implication.


Your word should be a serious engagement.

You should only voice promises you can live up to.



First published on Diary of a Soul Writer


Featured Challenge #2 – Screens – Text #2


by B.

Why is it that we need to share and connect so much with virtual people, or real people who are not in the room? So much so that we dismiss the presence of those who are.

Have not you noticed that you spend more time on your phone, starring at your agitated screens, checking your messages or writing some than actually talking to people, looking into people’s eyes?

We spend more time sharing pictures and commenting on what we do than spending those moments with those we cherish.

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Coup de Coeur #1

Prisonnier Visionnaire

by B.

Je choisis aujourd’hui de vous parler de Loermont. Ce jeune auteur fait ses débuts dans l’écriture. Ses textes ne le laissent absolument pas transparaitre, tant il manie les mots avec précision et souplesse. Au fils des lignes, j’étais transportée. Je me retrouve tant dans cette expérience visuelle et émotionnelle du voyage en train qu’il a choisi d’explorer. Continue reading